We want to thank you for the 3 years of support with BigYellowBag. Supplying Winnipeg & area with premium garden soil was a pleasure & we appreciate all our customers we’ve been fortunate enough to serve.

While Lach Sod continues to supply sod, we are no longer a distributor of BigYellowBag. Also, in a commitment to slow the spread of COVID-19, Lach Sod will no longer accepting any bag returns at their shop or donation center. They are yours to keep & reuse or recycle accordingly.

The bags are 100% recyclable, or to ensure that your bag can get some extra use, here are some fun & unique ideas of ways that you can re-use your empty BigYellowBag to get maximum use out of it:

A/C Unit Cover – just wrap it around the unit and secure down to keep your unit dry in the winter months.

BBQ Cover – similar to above, use this to cover your BBQ in the winter, so that your regular cover won’t wear down during the harsh seasonal elements.

Store Firewood – this is a way to store your firewood so that it stays dry – just place the wood inside and secure the top until you need it.

Shrub/Weed Collector – when you’re out in your yard, trimming branches, pulling weeds, etc, use this to store the weeds and transport around your yard until you are able to place them into the reusable bags.

Toy Storage – these are perfect to toss in all the extra kids toys to keep them out of the way, and keep space tidy

Outdoor Cushion Storage – keep your outdoor cushions dry and free from critters by storing them in your empty BigYellowBag when not in use.

Those are just a few fun ways we could think of, if you think of any other unique ideas – we’d love to hear it!

We wish you the best of luck in your gardening for Spring 2020. If you have any questions or concerns please call us 204-467-9013, toll free 1-855-843-4222 or e-mail info@lachsodfarms.ca

Thank you & stay safe

Lach Sod Farms

Lach Sod Farms