How do I properly install the sod?

  1. Sod is perishable. It is recommended that you lay your sod immediately after delivery.
  2. Water prepared area lightly to settle soil and provide a moist base for the roots. This will also cool the soil, reducing stress on the roots of the fresh sod, (most important during hot summer days).
  3. Lay the sod. Start along the longest straight line, such as a driveway or sidewalk. Butt and push edges and ends against each other tightly, without stretching. Avoid gaps or overlaps. Stagger the joints in each row in a brick-like fashion, using a large sharp knife to trim corners, etc. Avoid leaving small pieces, as they will not retain moisture well. Place the sod pieces across a slope.
  4. Roll or pack over the entire area to improve sod/soil contact and remove air pockets.
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