How do I fertilize my freshly laid sod or established sod?

FERTILIZING — Fertilizers usually contain the following:

  1. Nitrogen (for lush green leaf growth)
  2. Phosphorus (for root growth)
  3. Potassium–Potash (increases resistance to disease and drought)

Freshly Laid Sod: It is recommended that you choose a fertilizer higher in phosphorus, such as 10-20-10 to promote root growth and establish sod quicker.

Established Sod: We recommend that you fertilize your established sod 3 times per year:

  1. spring (Apr/May): Use a fertilizer higher in nitrogen for a quick green-up.
  2. summer (Jun/Jul): A balanced blend of all fertilizer requirements will result in a lush, thick, dark green and healthy turf.
  3. fall (Aug/Sep): A winterizer fertilizer higher in phosphorus will promote a stronger root development to meet our harsh winters.

Apply fertilizer carefully on a dry lawn and water heavily following application. This prevents the grass from burning and washes fertilizer to the roots, where it is best absorbed for use by the plant.

WARNING — Always consult a professional and follow directions accurately for proper application of fertilizer!

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