Lach Sod Farms supplies a high quality Kentucky Bluegrass Seed, grown on a Mineral Soil Base

We grow a blend of a minimum of 4 different varieties of Bluegrass to improve adaptability and allow the sod to flourish. The varieties are selected for:

  • A quick spring green-up
  • A lush dark green summer colour
  • A soft, thick grass
  • An extended dark green fall colour
  • Good resistance to diseases
  • Ability to adjust easily to various soil types

With irrigation covering our sod fields, your sod will always be green & full of moisture, making it ideal for transplanting from our farm to your project!

What is Mineral Soil?

“Sod is sod” is what’s often said when we ask customers if they know the difference between mineral and peat sod. Well, actually not all sod is the same. Seed variety in Manitoba is more often than not Kentucky Bluegrass, but the ground in which the seed is grown on is what makes the difference. The two varieties available on the market are mineral & peat (in Manitoba). In layman’s terms, mineral sod is clay based soil, peat sod is peat moss based soil.

Pros of Mineral:

  • Retains moisture very well
  • Pet & kid friendly
  • Low susceptibility to pests/diseases
  • High tolerance level to drought & neglect
  • Meant for medium-high traffic areas (durability)

What sod is better for you is simply down to preference. Talk to friends & family who have sodded before and ask what their experience was, talk to experts, better yet, come visit our farm and see for yourself, and make sure the decision is right for you. After all, the sod you lay can make or break your property!

So don’t forget, when inquiring into sod, ask if it’s peat or mineral.

WARNING: If mineral sod is laid on a soil predominantly peat moss and vice versa, you get what’s called a perched water table, which won’t allow the water to properly drain after heavy rains. This is key to successfully sodding, and if done incorrectly could cause issues.

Fun Fact: The City Of Winnipeg only uses & allows mineral sod for their public projects (boulevards, parks, schools, etc)!

If you have any further questions or concerns, please call us! We love discussing sod!

Lach Sod Farms

Lach Sod Farms